Sunday, 13 April 2014

Openwork eggs is a task for patient. But work pays off, because they look beautiful.

To create openwork eggs You need: 
  • Mini drill 
  • Eggs 
  • Bleach

To decorate eggs: 

  • White acrylic paint 
  • Acrylic varnish
Make it

  • First step is to make egg shells (make one hole from the bottom and one hole from the top and blow into one of them until the entire content of the egg comes out)
  • If You want complicated pattern, before You start to drill, You may draw a pattern on the egg shell with a pencil 
  • Let's drill! This action creates a lot of dust. You should wear safety glasses and a mask. Better do the work outside.

I started using the thinnest drill, but the critical moment was when the drill pierced the shell. Suddenly a shell collapsing and created a big hole. That's why to pierce the shell I used drill with a round tip. And then make the details with a sharp and thin drill.

  • When all holes are made we must remowe a eggs membrane. We remove it by soaking in bleach for several hours.

  •  The next step is paint the egg with acrylic paint and acrylic varnish. Unfortunately, while working my egg fell and broke. Then I used the theme of a broken egg as the moment of birth the chicken.

This is my Easter composition. I have a few days to do more openwork eggs. I want to beautifully packaged it and give to my family. So wish to me a lot of patience :).

For openwork designs are also used goose and ostrich eggs. Certainly less fragile than chicken!

Below is some inspiration. My work with such masterpieces fall slightly, but do it yourself is the great satisfaction.
What do you think about this form of decorating eggs?
Feel free to share your ideas in comments, become an inspiration for someone :)

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